The Next Match

  • April 20

  • Start Time: 11:00 AM
  • End Time: 1:30 PM
  • Location: Shorewood High Football Field
  • Game Note: ...BACK to SHS Football Field !!
Attendees - 1
Garrett Gutenberger
Players: 1
chris chapman
Not Attending
james stearns
Not Attending


  • April 2011:00 AM
    Shorewood High Football Field
  • April 2711:00 AM
    Shorewood High Football Field
  • May 411:00 AM
    Shorewood High Football Field
  • May 1111:00 AM
    Shorewood High Football Field

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  • lincolnlilith fowler April 13 2:30PM
    may 4 will be the fifth anniversary of sunday ultimate! we'll bring coffee and pastries…come one come all!
  • lincolnlilith fowler April 13 2:28PM
    sevens plus subs today (i was sick). see you next week.
  • david wolfe April 10 2:32PM
    Hey all Sunday May 18th The Shorewood Rec Department will be using the field starting at 1130am.
  • lincolnlilith fowler April 6 2:26PM
    sixes and a beautiful day. good to be back on the field!
  • devon armstrong April 1 10:38PM
    The lacrosse guys were there, but we agreed to split the field so we had from the 20yd to the other end
  • February 26 7:36PM
  • rich moheban January 4 11:13AM
    1/2/14 we played some box at SHS field. Fairly tough slogging in the snow. Doable for die hards but with a smaller field for sure, and some shoveling would be helpful.
  • December 27 5:47AM
  • lincolnlilith fowler December 22 9:07AM
    no surprise, but with 6" of snow down and more coming….there will be no game today. cheer the packers on today versus the steelers!
  • lincolnlilith fowler December 8 11:11AM
    game cancelled 12/8. too much snow!