The Next Match

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  • September 611:00 AM
    Whitefish Bay HS EAST of football field
  • September 1311:00 AM
    Whitefish Bay HS EAST of football field
  • September 2011:00 AM
    Whitefish Bay HS EAST of football field
  • September 2711:00 AM
    Whitefish Bay HS EAST of football field

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  • lincolnlilith fowler July 4 9:07PM
    can't make it, taking kids to camp!
  • lincolnlilith fowler July 1 10:02AM
    thanks to devon for supplying that critical bit of info...and thanks to my web developer (chuck) for fixing the problem. all should work fine now.
  • lincolnlilith fowler June 30 9:51AM
    david- you might try to update your browser or clear your cookies/cache. my web developer says it is ok on his end.
  • david wolfe June 24 11:09PM
    Now my name is Matt Michaels. David Wolfe
  • lincolnlilith fowler June 12 4:51PM
    lilith and i will miss next two weeks. good luck!
  • lincolnlilith fowler June 12 4:49PM
    sorry, david. i'll look into it...but on the brigt side, lena is not such a bad name!
  • david wolfe June 9 12:34PM
    Whenever I try and accept my invite it says my name is Lena Brandis. I have to create a new account every time I want to attend. Could someone fix this? David Wolfe
  • lincolnlilith fowler May 29 12:32PM
    bred- you and your other players are welcome. all we ask is you bring a white, a dark and good spirit.
  • Brad Schacht May 28 4:50PM
    Ive got a group of players that are in need of more active members. Our numbers are dwindling so im reaching out. We usually play pick-up with some loose rules, but are willing to conform if that means we can play regularly. Send me an email: and we can chat. Thanks
  • John Enters May 10 11:26AM
    Sorry, was running late. Rich just got here too. Maybe next week I guess.