The Next Match

  • April 26

  • Start Time: 11:00 AM
  • End Time: 1:30 PM
  • Location: Shorewood High Football Field
  • Game Note: ...BACK to SHS Football Field !!
Attendees - 3
maggie mae
Players: 2
Jay Burns
Players: 1
This will be my second time ever. I joined once last season with my friend Joe. I look forward to it!
claudia koch
Not Attending


  • April 2611:00 AM
    Shorewood High Football Field
  • May 311:00 AM
    Shorewood High Football Field
  • May 1011:00 AM
    Shorewood High Football Field
  • May 1711:00 AM
    Shorewood High Football Field

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  • April 10 7:15AM
  • rich moheban April 7 11:16AM
    pickup on the east side Tues/Thurs/Sat w/small group
  • Nick Fellows March 29 10:06PM
    I will be there next Sunday.
  • Robert Moresco March 29 10:43AM
  • devon armstrong March 11 6:56PM
    last week there were 12 on this list and 16 people were there to play
  • rich moheban March 10 8:52PM
    I have a pair of gloves left on 3/8
  • dan L March 7 3:21PM
    Yes, especially when the weather is nice
  • Calvin Salmon March 7 12:29PM
    Do more people show up than just those who rsvp?
  • February 27 2:43PM
  • devon armstrong February 11 9:04PM
    Hi Scott, the game is open to anyone. It works best if you bring a white and/or a dark colored shirt. There's a wide variety of ability each week, and everyone is friendly! Lastly, we don't show up if the temperature is under 32. See you when it's warmer! -Devon if you have more questions -